The Basics

Hot Glue building is a three-step process:

  1. Build your models (field types, enum types)
  2. Add your relationships to your models (has_many and belongs_to)
  3. Generate scaffold

Step 1 - Generate with Rails model generator, include the related tables.

• If you have any Enums, modify the migration before running it.

  • All tables must have a label field. It can be either a database column or a method implemented on the class, and must be one of these five special names:

 1) name, 2) to_label, 3) full_name, 4) display_name, or 5) email

If you do not already have one of these defined, create a method to_label on your model. This applies to all models built with Hot Glue, and their related models too.

Step 2 - Add has_many and belongs_to to your models

Step 3 - Generate the scaffold. When you generate the scaffold, Hot Glue will read your existing field names and relationships.

rails generate hot_glue:scaffold Thing

(where Thing is the object name of the scaffold you are trying to build)

For each scaffolding you build, Hot Glue generates up to 16 files:















A controller

A spec file

The 16 files that Hot Glue may generate.

The Top-level views are: index, exit, new, and all 4 turbo_stream responses.

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